Are you looking to maximize the lifespan of your A/C system and avoid costly A/C repair bills? Taking proactive steps to extend the life of your cooling system can save you both time and money in the long run. In this article, we will explore four effective strategies to help you keep your A/C system running smoothly and efficiently. By implementing these maintenance practices, you can minimize the need for A/C repair and ensure your system continues to provide optimal cooling performance for years to come. Air conditioners must be kept in good condition so that they can properly cool the rooms when the temperatures start to rise. Proper maintenance of your air conditioner will ensure that it lives a longer, more energy-efficient life. Let’s dive into the top tips for extending the life of your A/C system.

Beyond maintenance, some of the other factors that play into the lifespan of your system include:

  • Proper installation
  • Amount of month-to-month wear-and-tear and personal comfort settings within your home
  • Climate factors, such as extreme cold or high humidity
  • Air quality factors (salty sea breeze or other corrosives in the air)

Sometimes air conditioners just get to the point when they need to be replaced. If you’re looking to prolong the life of your existing unit, then the following suggestions should help.

1. Inspection and Regular Maintenance

The best way to protect your HVAC system and avoid hiring an a/c repair service is to inspect it regularly. This usually includes a complete inspection and lubrication of all moving parts, as well as condenser cleaning, removal of debris from the condensate drain tube, checking refrigerant levels, changing filters, inspecting the heat exchanger for cracks, and other measures that make your system safer, more efficient and longer-lasting.

Regular maintenance also ensures that small issues, don’t turn into big problems. Every year, your air conditioner and furnace should be inspected, cleaned, and tuned up. Doing so will help ensure that you have heating and cooling when you need it.

4 Ways to Extend the Life of Your AC System

Extend the Life of Your AC System

2. Clean Ducts

Duct cleaning often refers to the cleaning of various forced-air system components, everything from the air ducts to the registers and grilles. Over time, all sorts of debris begin to collect in these air vents. When the piles get too large, they block the air flow. This causes your system to work harder to reach your desired temperature.

Ducts are critical to your HVAC system and your indoor air quality. Cleaning your ductwork professionally about every five years or so improves not only your indoor air quality but also the efficiency and longevity of your HVAC system.

3. Clean Air Filters Regularly

Like air vents, filters collect dust. If you let it go too long without cleaning, it will no longer do its job. When the fibers become clogged, dust will start to sneak past the filter. More dust will begin accumulating in your home and contaminating your air. If any dirt gets in your main system, it can also cause problems.

Regularly cleaning and replacing your A/C filter is the best way to ensure that your unit is running efficiently, and is one crucial aspect of maintenance that you can usually perform on your own. Dirty filters block airflow, which makes your unit work harder to cool the air.

Some types of A/C filters are reusable, while others need to be replaced. During the cooling season, you should clean or replace your filters every month or two. If your A/C is heavily used or subjected to dust or pet hair, you may need to replace the filters more often. Ask your local A/C repair service or HVAC professional to evaluate your specific unit to determine how often to replace the filter.

4. Give Your HVAC System a Rest

Here is something that you can do right now to improve the life expectancy of your AC system. Give your AC a rest. The majority of HVAC systems have two fan settings: “auto” means the fan will only operate when the system is actively heating or cooling, whereas “on” means the fan will be on all of the time. While the “on” position may help you breathe easier, aiding in the trapping of dust and allergens it also makes your HVAC system work harder.

The more it works, the more time is shaved off your HVAC system’s life. Whenever you can turn off your HVAC system and open windows and use fans to do the heavy lifting, every now and then. At the very least, consider putting your system on auto to keep it from running constantly.

Regular maintenance will definitely improve how often you will need repairs but it still might not eliminate issues that crop up the older your system gets. When your HVAC is struggling, getting repairs in a timely manner will keep your system in tip-top shape.

Jobs like air conditioner cleaning is best left to full-service HVAC professionals, who have experience working with all kinds of units. An HVAC technician can make sure that your specific unit is safely and thoroughly cleaned, and can also identify any potential problems or inefficiencies that can be improved. Remember, your HVAC system should be serviced at least once per season to maintain optimum efficiency.

One of the best ways to save money on an HVAC system is to make sure it last to its full life expectancy. An HVAC system, like all machines, will break down if you don’t take care of it.